Nudes or riot
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plz explain the whole story
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no thank u :)

I think you have a crush on me, darling.
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lol fuck you


Candice Swanepoel for Osmoze, Summer 2015 

Well I think anything you feel is fine, but it's not fair to the person you're with if you're looking at other people. If you're no longer interested in someone you're with, break up w them before you do anything w anyone else! It'll save more feelings than cheating, also don't waste your partners time!!
- Anonymous

I totally agree time to give him another lecture loool thanx guys

If it's just a silly crush then it's fine, I get that all the time and they last 5 min tops. But if you're starting to get strongly attracted to the person then you better make up your mind before you do something that might hurt your "significant other" (like the other anon said, flirting or anything physically / sexually involved)
- Anonymous

true but what he’s saying is that love is different from like and he won’t never to anything to betray her unless she gives a reason to like what on earth???!!

I think if it's a romantic crush, like you have romantic feeling for another person then it's telling you that you're not fully committed to your significant other.. It's a different story if it's a crush like similar feelings to how you would like a celebrity or a puppy dog baha
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true I hate boys like why they gotta do that #playups

personally I don't think it's okay to have feelings for another person when you're with someone else, only because you're supposed to be faithful to him/her. If you're not happy or developing crushes on someone else I think you should re think your relationship
- Anonymous

that’s what I think..

It's crossing the line when you physically cheat, including flirting and everything. But if it's just a crush, then it's not too bad
- Anonymous

well then confessing totally counts

I think it's perfectly fine to have a crush on someone who isn't your significant other
- Anonymous

your significant other as in your gf/bf so when is stepping over the line? 

is it okay to have a crush on someone who isnt your significant other?